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2006-2007 Special Olympics Executive Board

Executive Co-Chairs
Meri Crowther and Julie Keller

The Executive Co-Chairs are responsible for preparing and running weekly board meetings and facilitating ideas among the exec board. The Co-Chairs also help oversee and assist different committees with various events and projects as well as help plan for the annual Area 5 Track and Field Games in the Spring.

Minnie Doherty
, Jamie Ferrel, and Jill Durkin (not pictured)

The Coaching Co-Chairs are responsible for coordinating coaching sites and playing matchmaker between the Northwestern students and Area 5 agencies. They also help plan social events, such as basketball games and dinners, to allow the athletes and Northwestern students to mingle and have fun outside of the weekly coaching programs. Additionally, the Co-Chairs plan various events related to coaching, such as the annual coaching training session, and strive to recruit volunteers from the Northwestern community.

Ravi Randhava and Christine Deyerler

The Education Committee has three ostensibly simple tasks: devise an educational component for each Special O event, gather and oversee the volunteers for the Area 5 Games, and teach Intellectual Disabilities and Society, the student-organized seminar. Oh, but these tasks are not for those who covet sleep. Each event requires the subtle touch of unobtrusive educational creativity, the annual Games calls for hundreds of volunteers organized into a spreadsheet so complicated its called “the matrix,” and the seminar finished with CTECs in the 5’s. Booyah.

Amanda Miller, Niki Shah, and Josh Branson

The Finance Committee is responsible for organizing fundraisers in order to raise nearly $12,000 annually, which is necessary to run the Area 5 Track and Field Games as well as various programming events throughout the year. Finance also assumes the treasury responsibilities and works with the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) to keep our accounts in order.

Rachel Bitman and Emmy Parsons

The publicity committee publicizes. At least that’s what they do until they write a committee description.

  • Special Events
    Kristi St. Charles and Emilie Hsieh

    The Special Events Committee is responsible for organizing events that connect both students and Special Olympics athletes. This year we strived for creative new events that would be both fun and educational. Our biggest project was the Northwestern Edition of The Price is Right, an event we proudly assign the moniker “first annual.” This event allows us to spread the message of Special Olympics to new audiences.

    Mike Marzano and Jayme Kwak

    The Sports Committee is responsible for organizing a variety of events throughout the year to connect Northwestern students with Special Olympics athletes. These events include tournaments that bring Special Olympics athletes to compete with Northwestern students, the annual 5K to help raise funds for the Area 5 Games, and a barbeque for the athletes in the week before the Games. In addition, committee members are instrumental in making sure the day of the Special Olympics Area 5 Games runs smoothly from start to finish.

    Student Outreach
    Delphine Lee, Jessica Disch, and Laura Phenix (not pictured)

    A new committee and a throwback to the ’90s. Think Surreal Life, but refreshing rather than washed up.

  • Webmaster
    Charles Rosentel

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    1. Eva Kramski - July 4, 2007

    I am so impressed with what you are all doing. I think you are all amazing individuals. I had the extreme opportunity to be the executive co-chair during the 2000 – 2001 school year (a long time ago!) I can’t believe we are already at 30 years! Know that this upcoming year is going to be the toughest but the best year you will have at NU! Go get ’em Special-O!

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